Trials Tribulations

Last time in Meta World:


  • What, you found a secret gold-mine being run by your former employers? And they’re using slaves? Fuck that, too obvious. Rob them later. _
  • And so you were off, without a damn ranger (More on where he went below). But luckily, you had a compass, and can walk in a straight line to the road where you found an irate demonic looking guy.
  • Have you ever had a job contract so bad you were employed between universal collapses and formations to the next existential age? Well the guy you met had and he took you to Ryan’s old persona’s place. Where he proceeded to fuck with all of you, but mostly Ryan. Mindy’s mind-friend was oddly sane and disembodied from her for reasons none of you have explored.
  • Ryan tortured himself, how appropriate. But he made out with like, a Luke Skywalker hand a Robo-cop eye, so there’s that. Also he has right foot. Sucky.
  • So one of you actually remembered enough people you saved to bust out of Limbo. And ya’ll popped out right next to the irate contractor. You all promptly ignored the inter-dimensional, cross-universe being who worked for a past version of yourself. Because he didn’t know everything about you guys or anything, and ran to the academy.
  • Wow, a very empty college, literally nobody or anything was around except half eaten meals and very dead experiments. Hey where’s all that chanting coming from?
  • So that’s why everyone was talking about the Academy. Let’s not investigate the mechanisms about world-wide brainwashing and murder everyone we see. Good plan? Good plan.
  • Wow, that chick just doesn’t die. W/e, just smack the priest around, he probably has it coming.
  • Jesus, now this girl won’t STOP TALKING. Women, amirite? Oh wow why is everything glowing white…..
  • Wow, all of our brains are on fire. That can’t be good, but hey we all feel more powerful. That’s a plus right? Right? …. Shit

What Justin as doing:

  • Being a boss, Justin’s character couldn’t let his people be enslaved. So he started killing people. You guys weren’t around, but he simply assumed you guys just had some kind of emergency, his spree wouldn’t take long.
  • Oh hey, their trail ends at a creepy demon guy. Wassup? Oh, meet them at the Academy? Yea I can do that.

Trials Tribulations

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