Restaurant at the End of the Universe

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Welcome to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. In the previous world your characters were so powerful that they managed to save themselves at the end of the apocalypse, briefly. Eating diner food in a pocket-universe while deciding and manipulating the primordial goo of the next iteration of the world. Decisions will be made, and then when you all pay your tab, you will all reincarnate into the world you helped shape.

Your characters all look on in awe watching the creation of the next iteration of reality itself. You know you shall all affect every step of the process. Right now, if all of you eat your last meal and do absolutely nothing, the world will be reborn as the default D&D world settings more or less. So keep that in mind when you’re making your decisions to change the world.

Generally speaking as a group you will be deciding details about the world you are shaping. If such a decision can be made unanimously you all combine your powers and average out a combined roll to determine an outcome. Players can also be the patron of a decision, where they roll a die to decide the outcome and other players must use powers or influence the dice roll if they want to change it. Other situations might arise, but these frameworks will suffice for now.

You are all very powerful. The dice represent the entropy of the universe, but you are all not entropy. You can all try to force your will onto these decisions, that is the entire point. So feel free to debate, brainstorm, and propose alternatives. Be careful though, time marches on so you all don’t have too much time to make these decisions. If time runs out before a full decision is made, reality will have to work with all that you have given it so far.

Here is a short synopsis of the decisions that will need to be made, with many things left out (It’ll be a surprise!), but the summary and framework should be enough of a guide.

Creation of Reality:
Every world has a creation myth. Which one does this world have? This decision and story will reverberate through the entirety of reality. Choose carefully, you don’t have six days to make it. To make physics work technically it’s a sphere. Each animal is floating inside the sphere. You can jump animal to animal without breaking thrust.

Cosmology and Traits:
Is the world laid out in planes? (Classic D&D) Is it closer to ours? Perhaps the world is flat?
This decision will guide how physics, magic, and other such fundamental laws of reality work in your new world. Careful or you might find yourselves in a wasteland devoid of magic.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster spawned beer volcanoes for all the gods who created the world over a drunken bet which ended up being on top of a turtle a la Cherokee/Discworld. All other planes on top of a different animal. The sun and the moon are in halves and animals swim around it.

Good and Evil:
What is good? What is evil?

Answer: Alignment matters slightly less in this world, and is flexible in terms of good and evil.

Law and Chaos:

Answer: Because my players are dicks, they went with a non-option. Neutrality unanimous. The world will not be as radical.

Life and Death:
These are special rules separate from most other traits of a plane, so they’ll be decided separately.

Answer: It’s secret.

Gods and Heroes:
You were all powerful, but you certainly weren’t the only powers or gods. You’ll deal with that here.

(Ryan)Proposal: There are no dragons.
Result: It’s a secret.

(Mindy)Proposal: Pocket dimensions can stack twice. Adding more makes thing. Interesting. (Can’t open
Result: Success.

(Justin)Proposal: Magic and Technology Arcanum Rules Apply
Result: It’s a secret.

(Jess)Proposal: The world to favor mischief
Result: It’s a secret.

(Kristin)Proposal: Forgoing a proposal, going first in civ game after Ryan.

Map Creation:
The world you live in on a map.

Civilization Game:
The world is complete, and now you watch and influence the world until you are all born.

Races are born:
You will found a race, and control a number of other races depending on the quality of the world and map. All players will play a mini-game akin to civilization to craft the history of their world and all it’s inhabitants until they are reincarnated.

Ryan of the Arcadians: Ability of pictoral telepathy.

Restaurant at the End of the Universe

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