Computane Electric Boogaloo

Last time:

Narrator: The party started off in a tavern in Aquilos, all drawn there from a mysterious letter threatening to reveal terrible secrets if they didn’t show. Shit got real and a bar-room brawl broke out. The party followed some guilty members to a warehouse where they decided charming and drowning everyone was legit. Then they stole a boat and ran. Encountering pirates, they decided THEIR boat was totally nicer then the dinghy they had. So they took it, and sold the cargo at a nearby port. Now, the party is fleeing to Computane because all the low level quests were on the other side of the continent. Because FUCK low level quests. Shit is about to get REAL-er.

Things to do since last session: Everyone is level two and gets two bonus skill points in profession: Sailor. Anyone with int above 14 also gets a (Or added) skill point in Knowledge: Engineering.

What’s going on: It’s been pretty quiet, your boat is pulling into Computane in the morning and the crew is eager to go to a large port city. Everyone is a little uneasy since the last time you were all on land there was a price on all your heads. Rumors in tiny ports since you were on the other side of the world speak of dark times and weird goings on. Be sure to read your secrets!

Computane Electric Boogaloo

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