Meta-World: Choices Have Consequences

The World:

You as players are making the world. Worlds tend to make themselves but through power and perhaps a bit of arrogance the characters of your previous world are heavily influencing the creation of this one. We’ll see how that works out.

Your Choices:

This area will contain links to all the revealed and discovered facts about the new world you’ve all created. Much of the base facts about it will be hashed out in the first sessions, but depending on decisions and behavior much could be obscured until revealed later in game-play.

Sessions 1:
Restaurant at the End of the Universe: Link to all the choices and known facts about the world from the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

Sessions 2 (Saturday January 26th):
Computane Electric Boogaloo: Link to notes and things about this session. Following your wild adventure and expedition to sea after “securing” a boat.

Session 3 (February Sometime):
Boats and Dragons: Link to notes about your flight from Computane and beginning of your Journey to the academy.

Session 4 (March 30th):
Double Jungle Trouble: You’re on a boat in a shitty jungle. It’s hot as hell, but the pay is good.

Session 5 (June 2nd):
Trials Tribulations: You just got paid and the academy is a hop skip and a jump away!

Session 6 (June 14th):
Heroes and Villains Let’s get Dungeony: So are we gods now?

Session 6 (Auguest something ):
Help me help you to help me help you: Because you demanded it. Death is paying you guys back.

Meta-Session Info:
Reality Leaks


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